Concert Works by Instrumentation



Courtney (Prelude for Piano)

Mountain of Precious Metal Variations (Suite for Piano) [Edited version of Op. 69]

  • I. Prospecting Aria
  • Variation No.1 – II. “Sutter’s Mill Rag”
  • Variation No.2 – III. “Klondike Kanon”
  • Variation No.3 – IV. “El Dorado” (Prelude & March)
  • V. Motherload Aria

Cashews (for piano)

Orgelwind (a short prelude for Organ) [Edited and rework of Op.31]

Animated Fingers (a Collection of 15 Homages, Songs, & Etudes for Piano) [Collected Volume of Piano works from previous works]

  • Homage No.1 – L’artista Esperto
  • Homage No.2 – D’amour Je Janis Connaitre
  • Homage No.3 – Fulton Rag
  • Homage No.4 – Tabelle der Erfinder
  • Homage No.5 – Gymnovalse En Bleu
  • Song No.1 – The Creepy Piano
  • Song No.2 – Follow Me
  • Song No.3 – Hazamegy
  • Song No.4 – Wind O’Winter (an Icy Scherzo)
  • Song No.5 – Cassidy Mae (a Lullaby Fantasy)
  • Etude No.1 – Una Nota alla Volta
  • Etude No.2 – Hopscotch (a Two-Step Waltz)
  • Etude No.3 – Unleashed Imagination
  • Etude No.4 – Flight of the Gnat
  • Etude No.5 – Uncharted Region

Cassidy Mae (a Lullaby Fantasy) [for piano]

Gymnovalse en Bleu (Hommage à Erik Satie) [for piano]

Wind-O-Winter (An Icy Scherzo for Piano)

Step Right Up (March for Solo Bass Trombone)

Hazamegy [Going Home] (Song for Piano)

Una Nota alla Volta (Etude for Piano)

Hopscotch (A Two Step Waltz for Piano)

The Creepy Piano (Piano)

Op. 69 Mountain of Precious Metal Variations (Piano Suite)

  • I. Prospecting Aria
  • II. Variation No.1– “Sutter’s Mill Rag”
  • III. Variation No.2– “Klondike Kanon”
  • IV. Variation No.3– “El Dorado (Prelude and March)”
  • V. Motherload Aria

Op. 54 Five Games of Canfield Suite (Piano)

  • I. Game of Canfield 1
  • II. Game of Canfield 2
  • III. Game of Canfield 3
  • IV. Game of Canfield 4
  • V. Game of Canfield 5

Op. 33 The Uncharted Region [of the Seven Seas] (Piano)

Op. 31 Prelude and Fugue in the Style of Bach (Organ)

Op. 27 Prestidigitation: Introduction, Nocturne & Dance for Solo Alto Saxophone

Op. 25 Duality (Sonata for unaccompanied Horn)

  • I. Chant and Dance
  • II. Peace
  • III. War

Op. 14 Gymnowaltz (Piano)

Op. 9 Flight of the Gnat (Piano)

Op. 7 The Fulton Rag (Piano)

Op. 5 D’amour je Janis Connatre (Piano)

Op. 4 Tisch von der Erfin’der (Piano)

Op. 1 Unleashed Imagination (Piano)


Step Right Up (March for Solo Bass Trombone)

Op. 27 Prestidigitation: Introduction, Nocturne & Dance for Solo Alto Saxophone

Op. 25 Duality (Sonata for unaccompanied Horn)


Rectangular Cow (for Brass Quintet)

  • Intro: Fanfare
  • I. Blue Ribbon Dance
  • II. Greener Pastures
  • III. Cow Patty March

Good Old Fashioned Ice Cream (Solo, Duet, & Trio for Trombone)

  • I. There’s A Spoon In My Ice Cream (Solo)
  • II. Chocolate-Vanilla Swirl (Duet)
  • III. Ice Cream Sundae with Sprinkles (Trio)

Two Lullabies for Celeste, Flute, & String Quartet

  • I. Sweet Cassidy
  • II. Sweet Brody

The Duality of Light (a Journey for Euphonium Quartet)

For Two Bones (Four Trombone Duets)

  • There’s a Fork In My T-Bone [Edited from Op.39 in 1995]
  • Duel de Fanfare
  • Mudskipper
  • Joust [Edited from Joust in 2011]

Butterflies (trio for flutes)

La belle et la bête (Flute & Bass Trombone Duet)

The Candy Dances (Flute Quartet)

  • I. Gumdrop Hop
  • II. valse de tire (Pulled Taffy Waltz)
  • III. Dark Chocolate Mambo
  • IV. Peppermint Twist

Techtonic Dances (Concertino for Bass Trombone with Trombone Quartet)

Toy Box (Quartet for Trombones)

  • I. Knucklebone Rounds
  • II. Pavane For A Slinky
  • III. Yo-Yo Scherzo
  • IV. Perpetuum Mobile Marbles

Subatomic Particles (Saxophone Quartet)

  • I. Neutrinos
  • II. Strange Quarks
  • III. The God Particle

Doppler Shift (Octet for Trombones)

“Funeral & Parade” for Piano Quartet

  • I. Funeral March for a Complicated Man
  • II. Parade for a Schizophrenic

Peponwi (Sonata for Flute in One Movement)

Steam Punk (Bass Trombone & Electric Recording)

Joust (Trombone & Bass Trombone Duet)

Islet Dances (Clarinet Quartet)

  • I. MotuMarch
  • II. WaltzHolme
  • III. KeyTango
  • IV. CelieSkerries

Ink Splat Crecendo [for John Cage] (Chamber Ensemble)

Motorcycle (Flute Solo with Marimba & Piano in 5 Parts) [Arranged  Op.65 for from 1997]

  • Kick-Start
  • Easy-Riding
  • Pop-a-wheely
  • Free-style (cadenza)
  • U-turn

Lieberman String Quartet (No.3)

  • The Buy In
  • Inventory
  • Rush
  • Books, Books, Books

Op. 71 Virgula Divina (for 2 Marimba & Vibes)

Op. 70 Alchemy (Tuba Sonata for Tuba & Piano)

  • I. Mercury — “Mystery of Creation”
  • II. Sulfer — “Devil’s Brimstone”
  • III. Search for the “Philosopher’s Stone”

Op. 66 Through Their Eyes… (Character Sketches for Brass Quintet)

  • I. Moses
  • II. Galileo
  • III. Howard Carter
  • IV. Neil Armstrong

Op. 65 Motorcycle (Sax Solo In Five Sections for Alto Sax, Marimba, & Piano)

  • Kick-Start
  • Easy-Riding
  • Pop-a-wheely
  • Free-style (cadenza)
  • U-turn

Op. 63 Paper Dragon (Soprano & Ensemble)

Op. 61 Automobile (In Five Sections for Sax Quartet & Piano)

  • Horn and Headlights
  • Engine
  • Windshield
  • Air-conditioning
  • Exhaust Pipe

Op. 59 “The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad” (String Quartet No.2)

  • I. “The Haunt of Sea-Monsters”
  • II. “Adrift On a Raft”
  • III. “The Men Who Sprouted Wings”
  • IV. “Rescue From the Serpent”

 Op. 56 African Folklore Suite (String Sextet)

  • I. March of the Asiki
  • II. Hottentot God
  • III. Nimm the Terrible
  • IV. The Creation of the Mulombe

Op. 53 Generation X Fanfare (8 Trumpets & Timpani)

Op. 52 Magic Words (Three Dances from a meditation on an Eskimo’s poem for Wind Quintet)

  • I. All Spoke the Same Language
  • II. Words Were Like Magic
  • III. That’s the Way It Was

Op. 50 “Lascaux” (String Quartet No.1)

  • I. Entrance
  • II. Rotunda
  • III. Axial Gallery
  • IV. Ritual “Manhood” Dance

Op. 46 Hop-Frog (Violin & Marimba)

  • I. Hop-Frog — the Jester
  • II. Trippetta — the Dancer
  • III. The Masquerade Ball
  • IV. “The Eight Chained Orang-Outangs”

Op. 43 Growing Up Loony (Clarinet Trio for Clarinet, Bass Clarinet & Piano)

  • I. Under table Over-chair
  • II. A-doggie-o Lazy Day
  • III. All-legs-go Fast and Slow

Op. 42 Michel de Nostradamus (Trombone & Piano)

Op. 41 To Add Tin Equals the Twelve (Piano Trio for Violin, Cello & Piano)

  • I. Unwanted Signs Invade Neutral Ground
  • II. The Watchful Eyes Longingly View Earth
  • III. Thrusting Onwardly – Never Easily
  • IV. Sometimes You See That Emerging Mystery

Op. 40 Of the Banshee (French Horn Trio)

Op. 39 There’s A Fork In My T-bone (Trombone Duet)

Op. 38 A Mother’s Love (Violin Duet)

Op. 37 “Three Billy Goats Gruff” Sonata for Bassoon & Piano

  • I. “The Troll Under the Bridge”
  • II. “The Mountain Beyond”
  • III. “Three Billy Goats Gruff”

Op. 8a The Mephistopheleian Race (Alto Sax & Piano)

Op. 34 Audible Vapors (Flute, Bassoon & Piano)

  • I. Rising Smoke
  • II. From the Deep
  • III. Raised Its Voice
  • IV. And Woke the Sheep

Op. 32 Lisastraum No.1 (Trombone Duet)

Op. 30 Song of the Clatter-Bones (Mallet Percussion Ensemble)

Op. 28 The Bug Zapper (Violin & Marimba)

  • I. The Bug Zapper (Choral)
  • II. The Restless Fly
  • III. The Preying Mantis
  • IV. The Excited Moth
  • V. The Lightning Bug (Firefly)
  • VI. The Pesky Mosquito
  • VII. The Grasshopper March
  • VIII. The Playful Ladybug
  • IX. The Butterfly
  • X. The Bug Zapper (Finale)

Op. 21 “Jabberwocky” (Baritone Sonata for Baritone & Piano)

  • I. “My Son”
  • II. “Jabberwocky”

Op. 19 First Day of Spring (Trombone & Piano)

Op. 18 Fur Lisa (Trombone Duet)

Op. 17 Le Saginni Artisti (Oboe & Bassoon Duet)

Op. 2 Saxophone Quartet No.1

  • I. Moderato
  • II. Allegro
  • III. Adagio
  • IV. Allegro-Finale


Sweet Brody (a Lullaby for Voice)

Sweet Cassidy (a Lullabye for Voice)

Follow Me (Choir & Piano)

Op. 73a Zachary’s Lullaby (Solo Voice)

Op. 67a Roswell: Oratorio / Part I — Wreckage (Orchestra, Choir, & Soloists)

  • No.1 Prelude (Choir)
  • No.2 Aria (Tenor)
  • No.3 Duet (Tenor & Baritone)
  • No.4 Chorus (Choir)
  • No.5 Aria with Chorus (Soprano & Choir)
  • No.6 Aria (Bass)
  • No.7 Trio (T, Br ,& Bass)
  • No.8 Duet and Chorus (S, Bass, & Choir)

Op. 67b Roswell: Oratorio / Part II — Cover-Up (Orchestra, Choir, & Soloist)

  • No. 9 Chorus (Choir)
  • No.10 Duet (Alto & Bass)
  • No.11 Duet and Chorus (T, Br, & Choir)
  • No.12 Trio (S, Alto, & Bass)
  • No.13 Duet (Soprano & Alto)
  • No.14 Aria with Chorus (Soprano & Choir)
  • No.15 Quartet (A, T, Br, & Bass)
  • No.16 Finale/ Chorus (Choir)

Op. 63 Paper Dragon (Soprano & Ensemble)

Op. 57 Ragnarok (Puppet Opera in 3 Acts) (Voices & Chamber Ensemble)

Act 1,

  • No.1 Story Begins (S)
  • No.2 Precious Gentle Blood (SA)
  • No.3 Land Called Hel (ST)
  • No.4 Loki’s Song/ No! (ST)
  • No.5 What Can I Say to You? (ST)
  • No.6 Death of Baulder (SST)

Act 2,

  • No.7 Now it Comes (TBrBrB)
  • No.8 Death of Odin (BrB)
  • No.9 Tyr vs. Garm (Br)
  • No.10 Death of Loki (ST)
  • No.11 A World Anew (TB)

Act 3,

  • No.12 What Happens Next? (SATTBrBr)
  • No.13 In the Land of Gimile (S)
  • No.14 What Can I Say to You? (Reprise) (ABr)

Op. 55 The Seven Ages of Man (Soprano & Piano)

Op. 45 Am I Really Peace (Soprano & Orchestra)

Op. 23 Two Songs To God (Voices & Piano)

  • I. To You, My Heart (Alto)
  • II. Help Me (Tenor)

Op. 16 Psalms 54 (Choir & Piano)

Op. 10 Behemoth! (Adaptation of Job 40 for Choir)


The Spring Equinox Rondo (a tango for strings)

Op. 73b Zachary’s Lullaby (Chamber Orchestra & Toy Piano)

Op. 68 Robot (Progression for Percussion, Brass & Strings)

  • I. Remote Control (Puppet)
  • II. Programmed (Push Button)
  • III. Autonomous (Artificial Intelligence)

Op. 64 Comet Trails (Symphonic Poem Suite for Orchestra)

  • I. Halley’s Comet
  • II. Hale-Bopp
  • III. Shoemaker-Levy 9

Op. 62 Kudzu (Symphonic Poem for Orchestra)

Op. 60 Phobos and Deimos (a grand duo concertante for Violin, Piano & Orchestra)

Op. 58 C.S.S. Hunley (Symphonic Poem for Orchestra)

Op. 51 Passing Jupiter (Orchestral Suite)

  • I. Io
  • II. Europa
  • III. Ganymede
  • IV. Callisto

Op. 48 Padma Sambhava (Symphonic Poem for Chamber Orchestra)

Op. 47 Incidental Music for a Comic Book [Dark Empire] (Orchestra)

  • I. Imperial City Rescue
  • II. Fifth Moon of DaSoocha
  • III. The World Devastators
  • IV. Han and Leia
  • V. Byss: Dark Side Planet (+Organ)
  • VI. Han and Leia II
  • VII. Battle Over Calamari
  • VIII. Leia’s Vision
  • IX. Welcome to Nar Shaddaa
  • X. Defending Calamari
  • XI. Dark Reunion
  • XII. Final Battle (+Choir)

Op. 45 Am I Really Peace (Soprano & Orchestra)

Op. 36 Piano Concerto No.1 “Rune Stone Poetry”

  • I. “The Horse of the Waves”
  • II. “The Burden of the Dwarves”
  • III. “Sweat of the Sword”

Op. 35 Jesus Wept (Symphonic Poem for Orchestra)

Op. 29 Journey Through the Acropolis (Symphonic Poem Suite for Orchestra)

  • I. Propylaea
  • II. Erectheum
  • III. Temple of Nike
  • IV. Temple of Athena
  • V. Parthenon

Op. 24 The Palette of Narmar (Symphonic poem for Orchestra)


Titan’s Gaze (Concerto for Bass Trombone & Concert Band with Choir)

  • I. What fathom flies… (sans choir)
  • II. …whence inspiration born
  • III. upon ringed giant’s back

Op. 49 Sasquatch (Symphonic Poem for Concert Band)

Op. 44 Lumber and Mazes (Circus March for Concert Band)

Op. 26 Mitternacht Fanfare (Concert Band)

Op. 22 “Chicago” (Symphony for Concert Band)

  • I. “Steel Mountains”
  • II. “Night Walk”
  • III. “Michigan Avenue”
  • IV. “The Windy City” March

Op. 8 Presto Concertino for Alto Sax and Concert Band

Op. 6 Naturgical Dances (Concert Band)

Op. 3 Incalzando Misterioso (Concert Band)


Op. 72 Rhapsody Under Construction (Jazz Orchestra)

Op. 20 Seven Over Easy (Jazz Band Octet)

Op. 15 Rain of Hope (Jazz Band Octet)

Op. 13 Why Me? (Jazz Band Octet)

Op. 12 And Green To Go (Jazz Band Octet)

Op. 11 Five-billion Souled (Jazz Band Octet)