Web Design

I’ve had years of experience with website design and maintenance.  One of my first jobs out of college was as a graphic designer and media consultant for a website provider.  I’ve have extensive familiarity with html and other web based languages and if I’m not that familiar I love learning on the job.  As a Website developer I’ve done everything from full sights and designing logos and banners to web maintenance with an emphasis on wordpress sites.

Beyond a simple one-page Splash page ($50-$100) an initial set up for a site can run $200 – $400 with several factors taken into the equation:

  • Is a domain already registered?
  • Is there a hosting account already attached to the domain?
  • What are the design capabilities of the host account?
  • Will there be a need for the client to access design elements themselves?
  • Will you need any marketing or social media help as well?

Monthly rates can be added if you wish me to maintain the site starting at $25-$50 a month with other host and domain costs added if the client hasn’t already established these themselves.

If any work outside of the initial setup is needed and a monthly maintenance rate is not needed then I can work at an hourly rate of $20-$30 an hour for any extra additions or maintenance (help) on your site.

Of course, other factors could change the estimates but after talking to a client I can get a better idea of their needs and what will work best for both of us to make a final offer.

Please email me here if you are interested in my services and I hope to be able to work out an amicable partnership with your online presences or business. I’m usually able to work on any update within a 24 hour period and I’m available 24/7 even if I’m away. Below are some examples of my work…

Business Sites
Band Sites
Personal Sites
Graphical Interface Design
Full Site Maintenance