Animated Fingers is a collection of my compositions for the piano completed between 1992 and 2018. There are pieces for all ages to perform and it’s interspersed with various sketches and drawings I’ve made over the years. Compositions are divided into three categories: homages – pieces written or dedicated to a specific composer or style, songs – lyrical pieces or works that one time had words attached to them, and etudes – studies that include a repetition of a certain figure or figures. This volume forms a portrait of my work that I hope will keep pianist fingers tinkling for years!

The book can be purchased in Hard Copy or PDF form HERE.

Animated Fingers (a Collection of 15 Homages, Songs, & Etudes for Piano)

  • Homage No.1 – L’artista Esperto
  • Homage No.2 – D’amour Je Janis Connaitre
  • Homage No.3 – Fulton Rag
  • Homage No.4 – Tabelle der Erfinder
  • Homage No.5 – Gymnovalse En Bleu
  • Song No.1 – The Creepy Piano
  • Song No.2 – Follow Me
  • Song No.3 – Hazamegy
  • Song No.4 – Wind O’Winter (an Icy Scherzo)
  • Song No.5 – Cassidy Mae (a Lullaby Fantasy)
  • Etude No.1 – Una Nota alla Volta
  • Etude No.2 – Hopscotch (a Two-Step Waltz)
  • Etude No.3 – Unleashed Imagination
  • Etude No.4 – Flight of the Gnat
  • Etude No.5 – Uncharted Region