FilmEar Podcast

FilmEar is a podcast started to talk about Music and Film and where they intersect in respects to film scores and soundtracks. Through interviews, discussions, essays and sound clips I try to spread my love of the music of the movies.  The podcast is mostly a monthly affair when I can get to it, but for the past two years since it’s inception, I have kept at least my monthly regiment.  You can find the podcast on iTunes if you search the words film and ear or just go to – the RSS feed of the last few episodes are kept on this site, just look at the menu on the right.  (for Android users who wish to listen or subscribe to the podcast you can go here). So sit back relax and stick it in your ear!

We have T-shirts for sale through our FilmEar site, so check them out now, or if you are looking for that specific soundtrack or score that we’ve talked about on the podcast, please use our link to Amazon before purchasing and we will see a little bit come our way.